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Iron Timbers is excited to add affordable table rentals to our list of offerings.

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Some of the events we typically provide our wooden tables for include: 

+  Weddings 
Holiday Parties 
Corporate Events 
Class Reunions 
Family Gatherings 

It doesn’t matter whether your upcoming event is big or small—our handmade wooden rental tables work great in all situations, providing your guests with an environment that is much different from the typical plastic tables and chairs that are seen at many other events. At Iron Timbers, we want every event you plan to be a complete success for both you and your guests. 

If you’re interested in using our wooden rental tables for your next big event, we can guarantee Iron Timbers has the perfect furniture options for you and your guests. The touch of class and character our tables bring to any event is sure to make an impact. For more information on how our wooden table rentals can work for you, contact us today for pricing. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Are you looking for a special touch to make your next company event, family gathering or holiday party memorable? Perhaps some beautiful tables would help set the tone for your gathering!


At Iron Timbers, we have years of professional experience in designing, sourcing, and building high-quality wood and metal furniture. If you have an upcoming event scheduled and would like furniture aside from the typical plastic tables and chairs, we’re happy to provide you with wooden rental tables that are sure to leave a great impression on your guests, making this an experience they won’t soon forget. No matter what the event is, we have the right wooden rental tables for you, perfectly matching any theme or atmosphere you’re looking to create. 

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