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The Evolution Of Iron Timbers!

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

The last couple years have been a new and exciting journey for us and we want to share with you how it is that we came to where we are today!

2017 Chatauqua Art Festival "Best of Show" Madison, IN

In their previous professions, Dustin and Caleb worked as electricians for the same company, with more than thirteen years of experience between them. It wasn't until Dustin started building furniture for him and his beautiful wife, Katie's' new home back in 2016 that he soon learned he had a passion for creating custom furniture. It wasn't long after that when he and Caleb decided they were going to partner up to make custom tables featuring beautiful wood tops paired with custom metal bases. Caleb having been recently married to his beautiful wife Brooke, had a background in welding and had always been very inspired when it came to creating things out of metal. Not long after the seed of the idea had been planted, their father Gary was also intrigued. Gary, a lifelong woodworker married to his beautiful wife Roxanne of almost 40 years, at the time had recently retired as a building trades instructor at a local career center after 30 years. He also had a particular skill set that he believed could add value to the uniqueness of the furniture, that skill set being woodcarving. Early on their work consisted of mostly coffee table and bench sized pieces, applying all three skill sets of woodworking, metalworking, and woodcarving. In March of 2017 Iron Timbers was officially born!

Since then they have featured their work in multiple art shows where they've taken home several awards from best of show to first place in their respected categories. While they did participate in these shows once or twice a year, the main focus of the business was commissioning custom dining tables. Over the course of late 2017 and early/mid 2018 the work continued to pile in. All of the while knowing and hoping in the back of their minds that one day this would turn into their full time job! In the fall of 2018 they were hit with a couple big jobs that had some tight deadlines that were almost certain to be impossible to turn around while still being part-time. This was it! On October 31, 2018 Caleb and Dustin took the leap and JUMPED!!

Bar Installation Mad Paddle Brewery Madison, IN

Today if you ask any of them you will most likely get the same answer that not one of them have looked back since that day, only forward. The three of them currently focus on working with residential to commercial/corporate clients and yearn to create as many lasting relationships with local businesses and designers as possible. While they offer many products their main ones include custom tables and hand carved business signs. They are always looking for the best way to grow their business and have just recently started the construction on their new shop in Osgood, IN where their family has resided for decades. This brand new 4000+ sq. ft. facility will feature a full in house metal and wood shop as well as a fully furnished showroom with finished pieces available for purchase, but more to come on that topic later. As a business they have been and plan to become even more community involved whether it's a community cookout, a third grade class field trip of a local school, or a Special Olympics workshop, they want to give back as much as they can! Above all else, Iron Timbers while being very passionate about what they do, knows that family and faith come first in this world and they strive to build their business around those important aspects everyday!

"You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give."

Check Out Our Podcast Interview!

If you would like to catch an audio version of this blog make sure you go check out our podcast interview with Acres of Timber by clicking the link below!

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